Before You Buy

Get some peace of mind as well as some insight to the condition of the home you are planning to purchase, as well as what conditions or repairs may be needed, either before you buy or down the road.

Before You Sell

Prior to listing your house, an inspection will provide insight to conditions or situations that may require attention prior to selling, or save you from last minute negotiations with your buyer.

General Inspection

As time passes, along with seasonal changes, so too can your home change.  Having a general inspection done on your home can alert you to potential conditions or hazards that you may not be aware of.

Why get an inspection?

One of the most critical and important steps in the home buying process to protect your investment is to have a complete home inspection performed.  We will provide a detailed inspection report to help you make an informed decision before deciding whether to buy a particular home.

Planning to sell your home?  A pre-sale inspection can be very helpful in finding any hidden conditions that you weren't even aware of, to help determine if there may be some repairs that should be taken care of, or at the very least, be disclosed at the time of listing.

At T&M Property Inspections, Inc., we use the latest tools, techniques, and overall professional inspection processes to help our clients make a comfortable decision in their future investment.

Properly informed realtors refer their clients to us because they know that their clients are going to be protected.  By investing in this small expense today, it can save you from costly repairs and emotional distress down the road.  Because your investment deserves protection.



Complete Home Inspections

At T&M Property Inspections Inc., we provide a complete visual inspection and detailed report of all areas of your property, including the roof, trim, interior and exterior, foundation, hvac system, plumbing, and electrical.  We also offer commercial inspections, as well as radon and mold inspections.